As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in Kibeho, we think about our plans for the future. In the next ten years, we plan to build a Marian Evangelization Center (MICity). Following the model Marian International Evangelization in Nazareth, we will build a theater and facilities for pilgrims and create multi-media programs, which help us live more deeply the Gospel and learn more about Marian apparitions around the world.


The Marians got the land for this new project by way of the Evangelization through Media. We prepared the terraces for the next construction. The land measures about 10 acres.


The main Multi-Media Theatre will have five theatres for 250 people, where they can discover the history of salvation, the life of Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph.


The gate of St. Michael Archangel. Last year we received the statue of St. Michael and we would like to build a symbolic gate. It will be like the cornerstone of the new project. Our MICity will also have the mosaic of St. Rafael and the painting of St. Gabriel. The idea is to live out the presence of Angels in our life. They protect us against evil and guide us to righteous life.


The Convents of the Apostolic and Cloistered Nuns with joint Reconciliation Chapel for perpetual adoration. We invited the Nuns to work with us on the New Evangelization. Now we ask the people of good will help us building their Convents.


With God’s blessing we can complete this project for the greater glory of God and the honor of Our Lady who appeared in Kibeho. Afterwards the hundreds of thousands of visitors would come to seek the spiritual enrichment in their lives.


Interior view.


With your help, we can do it!



MICity – New project of Mary of Nazareth

Marian Center has connected with the project of Mary of Nazareth in The Holy Land.

The main goal is to evangelize through media. Five movie theaters will present the creation of the world, the life of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph and the Church after the Pentecost. We will also present the different apparitions of Our Lady.

We love that the Apostolic nuns work in this Center and we also pray for the presence of the Cloistered nuns.

We are working to accomplish the master plan of the Center of Mary of Nazareth and hope that this year we can start some work for this project.

We pray for all benefactors who can make this project a real deed for the glory of God and the honor of Our Lady of Kibeho.

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