From Poland to Rwanda, With Love

Count them: 11 months and 3,700 miles of walking. But why?



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Giving Voice to Mercy

As it turned out, Fr. Leszek was visiting Treasure Island, Fla., Annie’s hometown, for a local Divine Mercy conference.





Why Are the Marians Pulling for the Packers?

A Polish missionary goes deep. Way back … way back … all the way to Rwanda.





In a Land Our Lady Visited

Yep, the mustard seed — the model for the Kingdom of God and the model for the Marians’ mission in Rwanda.





Love Can Change the World

Father Les understands that in the celebrity overkill and media hype of La-La Land, Les is sometimes more.





Hope, Help in Rwanda

Marians and Marian Helpers provide the gift of mercy in action.





Little Goes a Long Way

For the innocent, TRUST is as transparent water and as easy as breathing.





The Visions and the Genocide

A survivor of the Rwandan genocide, she knows all about the Marian apparitions in Kibeho and about Our Lady’s visions that came to life.





Mercy Missionaries

In Rwanda, following the genocide, the Marians follow their Congregation’s charism to go wherever the need is greatest.