The Marians in Kibeho are committed to blogging in 2018!

By Staff (Feb 26, 2018)


The New Evangelization invites us to communicate more through mass media.

One short story …

a sentence filled with holiness … or even a single word from the Holy Scriptures can lead to a conversion and change the course of someone’s entire life, and one person’s conversion can change the course of history. For example, St. Paul was the biggest persecutor of the Church, but after his conversion, we can now read the best texts about love and mission work.

Our mission work is to share the message of Our Lady, because she asked us to share this message from Kibeho with the whole world. We also have the shared grace of the message of Divine Mercy. For this reason, we feel compelled to be God’s messenger and to send you some good news every month.

The mission work in Africa may seem to be very far away, but there is a Rwandan proverb that says, “Something can be far away for the eyes, but close to the heart.” You, dear reader, are close to our hearts.

Check back again soon for our next message and know you remain in our prayers.